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MEMBERS JOIN US June 27th with keynote speaker RYAN BERMAN.

Ryan Berman is the founder of Courageous, a change consultancy that develops Courage Brands® and trains companies how to operationalize courage through Courage Bootcamp.

He has spent his career developing meaningful stories for household brands—like Caesars Entertainment, Major League Baseball, New Era, Subway, and UNICEF—and he believes that courage is the ultimate competitive advantage for any willing business, being or brand.

Ryan used the courage methodology detailed in the book to launch his own Courage Brand called Sock Problems, a charitable sock company that socks different problems in the world.


By Invitation Only.

To join Life Lounge San Diego, you must receive an invitation by a current member. 

We are a family of connectors NOT networkers.

Bonds are built by sharing unique experiences. 

Our members are driven compassionate go-givers with BIG dreams to make the world better than they found it.

We know that through  powerful relationships, we can compress the amount of TIME it takes to accomplish our goals.

Life Lounge is a catalyst for inspiring progress in a trusted environment that garners personal and professional growth.

We keep membership closely-knit while offering the incredible benefits of a genuine community.


Kevin Brown – Managing Partner


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