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Life Loungers meet throughout the year at different types of functions like our quarterly ‘Lounge’ events that showcase notable keynote speakers. We offer one-time exclusive mastermind sessions with amazing leaders as well as content driven ‘Briefings’ that cover a variety of topics. Sometimes, we gather over cocktails or a group activity for no reason at all except to just get to know one another better.

Being a Life Lounger means you have incredible access to a community of influencers as well as incredible brand partners like TESLA, Pacific Sotheby’s, Travel Set Go, Country Smooth Whiskey, 619 Vodka, CBRE, COOMBER Family Ranch Wines, Wilson Creek Winery and numerous other companies.

Here is a brief look at the application process:
  • Application Review: Fill out initial interest information below. A detailed application will be forwarded to you. Please complete and send back. Once received, your application will be reviewed within 24 hours to ensure that all criteria is met.

  • Invitation is extended: Upon approval of your application, you will be officially invited to join us. 

  • Member dues: Membership dues ($997 p/y) must be paid within 48 hours of invitation.
  • Orientation and Strategy Session: Within two weeks of joining you’ll be invited to meet 1 on 1 to discuss how we can best serve you and how we can help you navigate our LL family.


Life Loungers are dedicated entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives and more!


Co-Founder/CEO Vendi Bean



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