We are a cross generational community of givers and doers.

We believe in experiencing life to the fullest and helping one another along the way.

We are proud of our age and gender diversity.


Life Lounge San Diego started as a casual discussion among a small group of cross generational business leaders in a bar! The vision was to figure out a way we could create a platform that made it possible to share wisdom, exchange knowledge, have fun and positively IMPACT our community.

We found that by creating incredible experiences in beautiful locations helped our members build powerful bonds quickly. There is a process and order of things which occurs in every interaction. A ‘life cycle’ that must occur. As Brian Smith (Founder of UGG Boots) writes “You can’t give Birth to Adults.” There are stages of life you must go through. At Life Lounge we are dedicated to COMPRESSING TIME through relationships, so we can achieve more and live our lives the way they were meant to be lived. 


Our mission is unite our members with like-minded powerful givers, action-takers and ‘doers,’ so they can live fuller, richer and happier lives. Plus, spearhead cross generational discussions among business leaders outside of our Life Lounge family.

We are committed to introducing our members to opportunities previously not accessible or realized.

the founder


“I’m passionate about connecting the ‘dots’ for talented people and companies. I’m a dot connector and (re)source. 

That’s why I started LIFE LOUNGE.  Life is short and tomorrow is never promised… It’s much more fun working together to achieve our ultimate successes. If you think you can do it alone, then, I challenge you to consider… you may have an amazing vision but imagine how much more powerful you can be by inspiring others to live their greatest visions.

Life Lounge is about creating deep and meaningful relationships with other influencers.” 

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