Over years of hosting our events, we’ve been fortunate enough to attract some of the top speakers in the world. Each meeting is held at different private residences offering a unique experience every time.

Lisa Odenweller

Founder Beaming

Patrick Henry

CEO Entrepreneur

Sylvia Mah

Hera ventures

Brant Cooper

Entrepreneur Author

Emily Page


Mark Divine

Founder sealfit

Steve Games

CEO Pac. Sotheby's

James Rosebush

Advisor Pres.Reagan

Greg Reid

entrepreneur author

Scott Duffy

Entrepreneur author

Jeffrey Campbell

Fmr. CEO Burger king

Katy Temple

media image coach

Jared Poland

M.Director C3 Capital

Mitch Siegler

Dir. Pathfinder Funds

Rod Turner

CEO Manhattan street Capital

Richard Zizian

ceo critical ins.

Felana Hanson

founder hera hub

Steven Cox

founder/CEO takelessons.com

David Haskin

consultant steelcase

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